About Patti Steel

Patti Steel

The thoughtfulness of roots, the fiery emotions of blues, the integrity of country, and the spirit of rock and roll… Patti Steel’s musical talents and powerful stage presence have been wowing audiences for over a decade. Steel’s sultry soul blues vocal style draws from her inspirations. Steel is an award-winning artist, performing musician, and singer/songwriter. 

She has been an artist-at-large for several regional music festivals and has performed with all types of musical groups and various styles of music. She currently performs with her own band but is also a huge part of many other performing bands.  

Patti Steel's debut EP, No Better, is wholly relatable. Patti speaks on missing what once was, the reality of a world in quarantine, relationships twists and turns, standing up for oneself, and remaining humble. Steel puts her soul into every note you hear; her words and stories are thought provoking and deliver an emotional strength and comfort with a positive influence. She wants to help take the world as it is and leave it a better place, and inspires audiences to do the same.

Get to know Patti

Patti Steel’s musical talents and powerful stage presence have been wowing audiences for over a decade. An award winning multi-instrumentalist she easily switches from clarinet, spoons, guitar, mandolin and many other random noise makers at performances keeping her sound fresh. Combining roots, country, rock and your favorite cover songs, Patti’s live show is upbeat and fun from start to finish. After spending years as a side-woman, Patti stepped into a solo career in 2020 and has been sharing her music across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Patti’s goals are to spread love and for people to have fun at her shows.

"While listening to Patti, you can't help but get lost in a sense of wonder. She pulls you in with her passion, grabbing your ears and holding on to your heart."   –Samantha Hunt, Singer/Songwriter 

With a career of performing, supporting and managing regional acts which spans over a decade, Patti is stepping-out as a solo artist.  Patti began writing and co-writing music as a way to kickstart solo performance and more intimate projects. Her 20+ years playing music, for a variety of projects and collaborations, brings an immense spectrum of genres to the table. Genres span from folk, bluegrass, blues, soul, jazz, rock and country. Patti's hunger for music is insatiable and shows when she performs. 

“Patti Steel is a powerhouse multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, visual artist and photographer. A true artist, she always delivers a blend of her unique zest for life and deep well of creativity to every project making it not only light up, but shine brightly and powerfully” – Wendy Love Edge 

Patti is proficient in the following instruments: clarinet, mandolin, guitar, bass guitar, spoons, washboard and other percussion instruments, tambourine, Kazoo, slide whistle, train whistle, nose flute. She is also familiar with flute, saxophone, bassoon, French horn, trumpet among a few more. She has even dabbled in other instruments, and is always willing to learn more.  Patti also sings harmonies and lead vocals.   

“Patti is the definition of a utility player and all around musician. The multitude of instruments she plays brings a new dynamic to any project she performs with. Her ability to sing solo or match her harmonies with other vocals is a true talent in itself. Patti’s hard work behind the scenes only matches her work she obviously puts into her music craft as well and it shows.” – Erin Detherage, Lead Guitarist and Lessons Manager at Guitar Center 

Present/Past Music Management: Patti Steel Band, Patti Steel's Swing Party Band, The Power Lilies, Moonshine Steel, Gone So Long, Honey Shuffle (co-manage), The Trashcan Bandits, Steel Skye, PSS Trio, and Distant Minded.
Skills include: Managing, Marketing, Promotions, Booking, and Merchandising.   

Aside her groups, she also performs regularly with Chucky Waggs & the Company of Raggs, Randall Shreve and the DeVilles, and others as well as duets with many regional singer/songwriters. 

"Working with Patti is always a joy. She's very professional. She combines talent with personality in a way that not many are able to do. Working with Patti makes it difficult to not work with Patti." – Randall Shreve, Singer/Songwriter 


Patti grew up with a father who has been a regional rock guitarist for many bands since the 1970s. So, she has always had the musical bug since she was a little baby. She first started playing clarinet because there was one in the family. She really had dreams of being a drummer but when in grade school there were already too many drummers, so clarinet it was. She had a great teacher early on named Mr. Greek who truly inspired her to learn as many instruments as she was capable of playing. He helped her learn bass first for the junior high jazz band. She was then hooked on learning as many instruments as she could. In high school, she played bassoon, French horn, flute, and clarinet for the band. She was also involved in choir in junior and high school as well as the Webb City Singers (a musical dance group) as well as being a member all four years of the Webb City Redettes, a dance group in high school. She used to learn dance moves from watching music videos on MTV and then go teach her friends at the local parks. Needless to say, she has been performing most of her life. It is truly in her blood. She received many scholarships to attend different colleges for music but decided to stay local and go to MSSC in Joplin, MO. She usually performed with the concert band season. In 2002, her dear friend Anndrea Herman introduced her to some local open mic goers as well as campfire jammers and this is where Patti Steel really truly got her start of the “jam or improve style” that everyone knows of her today. Jim “Moose” Moss was a musical mentor to her from the very start. He encouraged her to continue on her path to play. He helped her understand how to jam with others well. He also helped her learn to play guitar and spoons. She attended her first Walnut Valley Festival in 2002 and she then fell in love with folk music, jam music and festival goers. Since then,  she has been gracing many stages with countless bands and singer/songwriters of all genres of music.

Currently performing with

Patti Steel Band
Patti Steel's Swing Party Band
The Power Lilies
Chucky Waggs & the Company of Raggs

Older Projects
Randall Shreve & the DeVille's  
Moonshine Steel
Gone So Long Band/Murray WIlliams
The Trashcan Bandits
Foley's Van
Johai Kafa  
Honey Shuffle   
PSS Trio  
John Henry & Friends
Lacy Morris Music
Amber Dawn Gardner
Distant Minded

Ozark Mountain Soul Fest 2024

Photo by Zen Lens Photomedia

Festivals Performed:
Walnut Valley Festival - Winfield, KS - Performed all stages
Hillberry Music Festival - Eureka Springs, AR 
Freshgrass Festival - Bentonville, AR
Earth Day Festival - Springfield, MO
Octoberfest - Fayetteville, AR
Ozark Mountain Music Festival - Eureka Springs, AR
Kaw River Roots Festival, Lawrence, KS
Ozark Mountain Soul Festival - Eureka Springs, AR
Cabotfest - Cabot, AR
Bushyhead Music Festival - Kansas, OK
Weston Roots Festival - Weston, MO
Halfway to Everywhere Festival - Emporia, KS
Owl Creek Jamboree - Humboldt, KS
Crawfish Festival - Tahlequah, OK
Front Porch Festival, Kansas City, MO
Wakarusa - Ozark, AR
Harvest Music Festival - Ozark, AR
Pig fest - Oklahoma
Terp Float Festival - Tahlequah, OK
Neosho Fall Festival-Neosho, MO
Riverstomp Music Festival Oklahoma
Westport Roots Festival, Kansas City, MO
Block Street Party - Fayetteville, AR
and so many more…


Ha Ha Tonka (sitting in at Earth Day Festival - Springfield, MO - 2024)

Photo by Zen Lens Photomedia

National/Regional Touring Acts:
Byron Berline Band (and Legacy Grass)  
David Mayfield Parade
Mike Dillion Band
Lindsay Lou
Kyle Tuttle 
Ha Ha Tonka 
Wayne Gottstine Band
Molley Healey String Project
Thomas Trapp & Friends 
Johnny Mullenax Band 
Tom Skinner's Science Project
Big Smith
Front Porch
Brick Fields
Alex Hawf Revue
The Vine Brothers 
Blood on the Mandolin
Pixie and the Partygrass Boys
Ben Miller Band
Randy Crouch Band 
Shawn James
Andy Frasco and the UN  
Shook Twins  
The Hooten Hallers   
The Hillbenders  
Lance Roark 
The Burney Sisters 
The Might Pines 
The Deer  
Bonnie Paine and Friends 
Handmade Moments  
Rochelle Bradshaw & Hypnotion
Randall Shreve & the DeVilles  
Rachel Ammons 
Lucas Parker & Jessica Paige 
Magnolia Brown 
Dance Monkey Dance  
The Creek Rocks  
Foggy Memory Boys
Jacob Tovar
King Cabbage Brass Band
Opal Agafia and the Sweet Nothings 
One Way Traffic
The Matchsellers  
Weda Skirts 
The Unfit Wives
Sally and the Hurts 
The KC Bearfighters 
Deadman Flats 
Jenna & Martin 
Dirty Flannel Shirt
Cottonwood Snow   
The Lonesome Narrows  
The Sutcliffes 
The Last Waltz (Tribute to The Band/Nov. 2019/2023)  
Meandering Orange  
Joe Mack 
Mountain Sprout 
Noah's Little Monster  
Fayetteville Roots Family Band (Maxine's)  
Lilly B. Moonflower Band 
Go on Git  
1 oz Jig  
Makin Loaf  
We Dream Dawn  
Red Oak Ruse
Skye Pollard (& friends, Steel Skye)   
Shotgun Brothers   
Amarugia Ridge Runners  
The Smile High Club  
Fast Food Junkies  
The Whistle Pigs   
Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy   
Honkey Suckle   
Dumptruck Butterlips   
Tragic Prelude  
Loaded Goat   
Eureka Strings 
Cutty Rye (Chooch and the Sidehill Gougers)  
John Henry & Friends (The Earthshakers)  
The Squarshers  
Shannon Wurst Band  
Josh Jennings Band   
Take the Space  
The Ozark Travelers  
Goldfish Waterslide  
The Grannie Whites  
JR Soapbox   
The Banks of Trent Creek  
The Flaming Capos  
On The Edge (Comfortable Shoes Camp)   
Three on a Wire  
Isayah Warford and the All Stars  

Performing with Ashtyn Barbaree in 2020

Bonnie Payne 
Randall Shreve  
Tom Pevear
Ashtyn Barbaree  
Elexa Dawson
Jenna Rae 
Cassie Latshaw 
Josh Westbrook 
Kim Kutina
Julia Othmer
Mark Bilyeu 
Cindy Wolf  
Opal Agafia 
Samantha Hunt 
Jamie Lou & Garrett Brolund 
Amber Watson  
Jesse Dean  
Jeff Kearney  
Michael Tisdale 
Derek Webster 
Dan Martin 
Dylan Phillips 
Isayah Warford  
Larry Huitt 
Sarah Loethen  
Dave Baer   
Dominic Bryan Roy  
Erin Detherage 
Michael White   
Jim Graham   
Mike Snow 
Heather Kearney 
Lori Holyfield  
Karen Kennedy 
Amy Schroer 
Bill Gosch  
Rich Moore   
Tony B.
Jimmy "Wayne" Garrett   
Mendy Johnsen "Whiskey Menders"
Amber Dawn Gardner (The Grippy Picks & Siren)  
Lacy Morris Music  
and countless people who invite me on stage <3